Snoring is often a source of jokes or embarrassment, but it’s something that at least half of all humans doat some point in their lives. Snoring happens when the airway to the lungsbecomes narrowed, which is known as a constriction. Constriction is potentiallycaused by nasal congestion, swollen glands, or by simply having a thick, fleshyneck. Constriction is also created when muscles in the back of the mouth andthroat relax during sleep, reducing the diameter of your airway.

Why You Snore

When breath is forced througha constricted airway, the air moves with greater force. A comparison is foundin your garden hose. If the same amount of water tries to go through a smallerhole, the pressure increases, creating more force.  With the air in your throat, this increase inforce causes the soft tissues in the back of the mouth to vibrate. Thesevibrations create the sounds we know as snoring. By itself, snoring may notlead to serious health problems, and many who snore gently and regularly areactually getting a fairly good night’s sleep. But if the same can’t be said fortheir bed partner or nearby friends and family, the snoring is still creatingdisruptive sleep — just not for the one making the noises!

When Snoring is Sleep Apnea

Snoring is an even greatercause for concern if it becomes loud and irregular. If you’ve been told yoursnoring stops and starts, or that you sometimes stop breathing, then snort orgasp for air, these are symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is aserious condition. Do not ignore it!

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