Health Problems

Health Problems

“Studies show that untreated OSA can significantly shorten one’s life.”

The repeated awakenings caused by sleep apnea, combined with the reduction in blood oxygen levels and the ongoing release of stress hormones, eliminates many of the restorative benefits of sleep. This can lead to a wide range of health problems. At the very least, sleep apnea causes morning headaches and dry mouth, and leaves you feeling lethargic or groggy throughout the day. Even this seemingly little problem is important, because Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is linked to an increase in accidents at work and while driving. In fact, nodding off at stoplights or during a long drive is a frequent sign of OSA. As a person continues to be deprived of quality sleep, they may become depressed, or show other changes in behavior that include increased irritability, an inability to stay focused, and a general loss of initiative and motivation.

Severe Complications of Sleep Apnea

If left untreated, OSA leads to a wide range of health problems. Weight gain, persistent migraines and an increase in blood pressure are some of the early signs of the disease. Over time, an OSA sufferer develops an increased risk for heart problems, including coronary artery disease and stroke. Gastroesophageal reflux diseaseand hypothyroidism are often associated with OSA, and other long-term health risks include kidney failure, type two diabetes and an increased risk for cancer.

The medical evidence is clear: the health consequences of untreated OSA can be severe and life threatening. Studies show that untreated OSA can significantly shorten one’s life. Clearly, there’s more at stake here than just a quieter night’s sleep — although that’s the first benefit of treatment.

Seek Help Now, Not Later!

If you are suffering from the effects of OSA, you owe it to yourself to seek help immediately!provides you with information and options on how best to overcome OSA, through this website and at our office on 1105 E Street in downtown Sacramento. Let us get you started on your way to a simple treatment for sleep apnea based on proven dental technology.