Oral Appliances

Oral appliances are at the center of many treatments provided by Sacramento Sleep Apnea Solutions. In this section, we display and discuss many varieties of oral appliances. With such a large selection, it is likely that our skilled Sacramento dentists will find a comfortable and effective device for you after an exam and consultation. Considerable research led to the development of each of these oral appliance options and we are confident that improving your problem with snoring or sleep apnea is possible!

Most oral appliances work by altering the shape of your oral cavity or the position of your tongue while you sleep. The examples shown here are fast-acting and effective almost immediately for most patients. Also available for long-term solutions are therapies that alter the shape of the oral cavity permanently, usually by applying orthodontics or similar methods. The advantage to these procedures is that in many cases, it is possible to free the client from CPAP and permanent oral appliance use by shaping the jaws without the use of surgery.

For more information about all of these options in oral appliances, read more in this section or request an appointment with one of our Sacramento sleep apnea specialists. You may call 916-538-6900 or contact us online.